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Elderberry Syrup with Aronia

40% cold-pressed American elderberry, 40% cold-pressed American aroniaberry, and 20% raw honey & spices — plain & simple.

Wellness Boost is real juice, not an extract made from dried, imported berries and water. With 4000 mg of elderberry/aronia in each tiny teaspoon, it's a powerful source of immune-boosting goodness!


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Four generations work and play on our family  farm, nestled in a secluded valley of rural SE Iowa  just off "Ridge Road".

WHY Elderberry?

For centuries, elderberry has served as a natural remedy throughout the world. Today it is widely relied upon to reduce duration and severity of viral illnesses, but its amazing benefits don't stop there.

Elderberries contain more antioxidants than nearly any other fruit and are rich in antioxidants called anthocyanins, known for their ability to reduce inflammation, aid in heart and blood vessel health, promote brain health, and boost focus and memory.

WHY American?

Estimates suggest that more than 95% of elderberry products in today's North American marketplace contain imported, European berries (Sambucus nigra). The elderberry in these products is typically dried, then added to water or glycerin to create a syrupy substance.

On the other hand, American Elderberry (Sambucus canadensis) is processed fresh, so drying and reconstituting aren't necessary. With American berries now readily available, the choice is clear.

WHY Ridge Road Farms?

Every elderberry and elderflower in each of our products is grown, hand-picked, and processed by our family, on our farm.

We invest in our soil to produce fruit that's more nutrient-dense; we harvest at the peak of ripeness to ensure the very best flavor; and we bottle in small batches to preserve the highest quality.

When you buy from Ridge Road Farms, you know exactly what you're getting... and you know it's the best!

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