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Made in small batches from the delicate, creamy- white flower clusters of the American Elderberry, this specialty syrup lends a lightly-sweet, delicately-floral essence of sunshine and citrus to beverages, baked goods, berries, and beyond.


Enhance sparkling water, sodas, cocktails, and other drinks; add to ice cream, cheesecake, sponge cake, sorbet, or other lightly-flavored desserts; drizzle over yogurt or a fresh bowl of strawberries — and more!


The remarkable flowers responsible for this unique flavor are locally grown in a secluded valley, just off "Ridge Road" in rural Iowa.


Refrigerate after opening; once opened, use within 4-6 weeks. Shake well before each use, as fine pollen particles may settle to bottom.


8 ounces | 16 (1 tbsp) servings per bottle 


Ingredients: Filtered water, sugar, lemons, American Elderflower

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