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...of elderberry syrups available in the U.S. are made using dried, imported berries. To create the "juice" that's the basis of these products, water is added and heat is applied.

Both the initial drying and subsequent reconstituting require nutrition-destroying heat (two processes that are unnecessary when farm-fresh, American berries are used). 

What’s more, water is the primary ingredient in many of the syrups on the market today and these products can contain minuscule amounts of pure elderberry — something that's unfortunately lost on many consumers.

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Wellness Boost begins with cold-pressed juice, and water never enters the equation! Our syrup is 80% pure juice + 20% raw honey, elderflower, and spices  no water, no refined or processed sugars,  and no added fillers, thickeners, or flavorings. 

We've done the math and here's what we've found: our immune-boosting syrup contains exponentially more elderberry/aronia than a good share of similarly marketed products.

WE'RE ALSO PROUD  to say that... addition to elderberry, Wellness Boost utilizes the amazing health benefits of aronia. HERE's why!


...every berry is 100% American! All elderberries are grown on our family farm in Sperry, Iowa and aronia berries used in our syrup are grown in Central Iowa.

...we consistently invest in our rich, Iowa soil to produce fruit that is naturally more nutrient-dense than wild European berries.​​

...because we harvest and process every elderberry ourselves, we know they're picked at the peak of ripeness, carefully sanitized, and quickly frozen to ensure freshness and safety  all in 12 to 16 hours.​​

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