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The vast majority of elderberry syrups available in the US are made from dried European berries. To create the "juice" that's the basis of these products, water is added  and heat is applied. At this point, berries have already undergone two heat-applying processes (drying & reconstituting) which likely reduce nutrients. Many of these products contain more water than elderberry and therefore have a fraction of the nutritional content -- something that's lost on many buyers. 

On the other hand, Ridge Road Farms' Wellness Boost begins with nutritious, cold-pressed juice. It's sweetened naturally with raw honey (not refined or processed sugars) and infused with organic spices and elderflower. Our elderberry syrup has absolutely NO water and no added fillers, thickeners, and/or flavorings. We've done the math and found that Wellness Boost syrup contains exponentially more pure elderberry/aronia than most of the products on the market today.

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We're also proud to say that... addition to elderberry, Wellness Boost utilizes the amazing health benefits of aronia -- a berry with even more immune boosting anthocyanins than elderberry.


...all our berries are 100% American, featuring elderberries grown on our own farm in Sperry, Iowa and aronia berries that are grown in Central Iowa.

...because we harvest and process every elderberry ourselves, we know they're picked at the peak of ripeness, carefully sanitized, and quickly frozen to ensure freshness and safety -- all in less than 24 hours.

...we consistently invest in our rich, Iowa soil to produce elderberries that are naturally more nutrient-dense than wild European berries.

...our berries undergo minimal processing, resulting in maximum nutritional benefit for our customers.

...our syrup is far more economical than most brands when comparing grams of pure, immune-boosting elderberry and aronia per bottle.

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